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what does "everyone" have to say?

I gather and examine random data and come to conclusions based on that data.




 Poll conducted between: 

 5/8/2020 and 5/17/2020

In the next survey, I'll be looking into the trivial and, at times, non-sensical things that comprise the foundation of our personalities.


From life altering decisions to the intricacies of individual taste, I'm curious to our similarities and whether or not they are tied to a specific demographic.


I aim to double the amount of participants from survey #2 to cross the 100 people border. Fingers crossed.




 Poll conducted between: 

 4/8/2020 and 5/4/2020 

My sophomore effort came from a general inquiry into what people are doing during the quarantine.

I received a little more than two times the participants for this survey, thanks to the effort of two friends who shared it on their FB. Hey, thanks. 


I dig into this plethora of responses to uncover if our generations have a way to reach across the river and come to a concise and uniformed response to the pandemic.




 Poll conducted between: 

 3/16/2020 and 5/4/2020 

For my first survey, I examine a small batch of results and take on the question of what prevents people from buying art.

And what I find may surprise you.

Or maybe not.

But whether or not you were interested because I said that is what I originally set out to find.

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