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Hello, hello!


I'm Chris Horn.

I am a photographer based in Redondo Beach, California. I've been taking pictures for a good part of 20 years now. The allure came during an elected class in high school, where I borrowed my sister's Canon T-50 and fell in love with the form. Decades later, I am where I am today.

I started back when as a landscape photographer, using trusty 35mm film as my format. I still shoot it to this day, just not as frequently.

Yearly vacation trips with great friends to the upstate patches of New York, where the trees sit thick. Dense green against a deep blue sky.

During this time I honed my eye and found the patchwork of my budding style.

Just prior to departing the United States for a European backpacking trip, I purchased my Pentax K-3 and started my journey into digital photography. Years later, thousands of images into the future, I find myself here, ready to show the world my art.

I feel my photos, above all, capture space. Regardless of their subject matter, the need for me to record it is evident.

You may say some are minimal, and I would agree with that as well.

I hope that you enjoy what I have to offer and find it fit to own a piece of my art.

I'd love for it to be in your home.

My artistry is not limited to photography either, as I'm also an amateur puppeteer.

You can catch me in my YouTube series Scotch & Socks and also on my Instagram, where you'll get to see my adorable chiweenie, Bruce.

I very much would love to make photography and puppeteering my career, as they truly define moments of happiness. You can help me along by donating or even becoming a patron through Patreon, where you get to see all the secret stuff that the public don't know. :)

So thanks for coming to the website. It means a lot to Bruce and I.

- Chris

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